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Frank Rodick

Frank is a dear friend of mine, an artist living here in Toronto. I like his work a lot - check it out, especially if you like art that goes beyond usual bobo sensibilities.


Annette Mangaard

An artist, a filmmaker, and generally all around fun person to have on your contact list. Part of our extended family.


Marina Black

Marina is a visual artist working in Toronto. I printed a show for her a couple of years back and I think it turned out well, although we argued a lot and I even managed to embarrass myself by letting loose with some really poorly thought-out jokes. In the end, though, I really like many of Marina's images.

We are friends now and even took a vow to exchange links!


Louise Lipman

A friend and a collaborator on dozens of projects we completed in the past decade. A publisher of excellent prints at Lipman Editions.


Suzy Lake

Suzy has been a guru-like figure for me for many years... and she was incredibly supportive throughout good times and bad, though I bet half of Toronto’s art community can say that too.


Katyuska Doleatto

a dear friend and a wonderful person.


Susan Dobson

I always enjoyed working with Susan. Rarely you meet an artist with such a clear, focused, uncluttered mind. That and a whole metric ton of talent.


Geoffrey James and Russel Brown

Geoffrey and Russ Brown are inexplicably connected in my head. I'm sure they have not met and likely might not even know about each other, but regardless. I guess it's just a vibe, as well as both being extremely accomplished in their respective fields and both being such a class act.


Arnaud Maggs and Spring Hurlbut

I am having problems elucidating my thoughts about Arnaud and Spring. To me, they both - as different as they are - taught me to go to the very end.


Ken Gangbar

My sculpture guru. I like Ken’s work. I want to own it and I want to display it in my window... Yes Ken. I said I'd like to display it in my window :)


Iris Nowell

I think it's a second book I worked on for Iris in past couple of years - Harold Town; and the previous one was the tome on Painters 11. Always a pleasure to talk with this charming lady, and of course the works she writes about are some of the most important in Canada.


Dean Jackson

Coming across Dean’s Aeropods was a momentous experience for me. I knew I had to have one.

What an incredible artisan.


John Massey

I like printing for John. Highly technical work, great aesthetic, fantastic narrative. I used to own two of his pieces; but alas no longer due to poor economic conditions.


Tom and Anka Czudec

I credit these two lovely people with teaching me everything I know about technical excellence in B&W portraiture. That, and them being absolutely wonderful friends for many years.


Ivo Stoyanov

A dear friend and a very talented guy.


Evan Penny

Evan’s work needs no introduction. I should probably single him out as an artist who shaped the way I think about art market, amongst many other things. True story: back in 2002 or so I asked Evan what would it take to commission a portrait of the dearest me. He said - I don't know, about 10-15 gees I guess. So I kicked about that idea for a couple of years but ultimately never acted on it. Imagine how sorry I am now :(


David Silcox

I cherish memories of our conversations about nuances of connoisseurship. I know I’m in pretty rarefied atmosphere here but it’s sad to think that most young artists simply do not have access to an expert of David’s class. That would have improved an artscape around here dramatically.


William Fisk

Here’s another guy whose work I crave. Well at least I get to photograph it :)


Thom Sokoloski

A man with an impeccable taste and encyclopedic knowledge of modern and contemporary art. I would have been intimidated if Thom wasn’t such a sweetheart.


Cybéle Young

Inspired me in a whole lot of ways. Oh, and she lets me borrow her printing books! I mean, really I could just stop right here, but I also happen to enjoy her work (a lot).


George Hunter

has died last April. What a great guy he was, and that's before you even start to consider his career... I'll miss him dearly. Kind of similar story to Arnaud's passing - the feeling of loss mixed with appreciation of a life truly well lived. I would die a happy man if I were to achieve half of what George managed to get done.


Matt Brown

has failed to come and help me decorate my shop windows for Christmas... Haha there's always next year! Anyway, I love this guy's art.


Eyemazing Susan

Susan used to publish one of my favorite mags of all time - Eyemazing; which has now morphed into a book format, with new editions coming out annually. We've been friends for what seems like forever.


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