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Scanning & photographing your art

Ultra-sharp, direct scans from artwork of any size, at the shop or in your studio - German-built digital capture system with high precision sensor provides unmatched detail and colour fidelity.


Safe, cool, UV-free lighting with KinoFlo® patented light banks. First system of this kind in North America.


We offer decades of expertise in documenting original artworks, from drawing to sculpture - now in completely digital format. Please stop by our shop to see samples of this incredible technology.


Click here for pricing guide and technical details.

Fine art printing

As the only Hahnemuehle, Canon, Canson and Epson Digigraphie-certified Canadian printing bureau, we are pleased to offer outstanding  fine art digital inkjet printing  using  archival pigment inks and cotton rag papers. Both watercolour and coated papers are available, with various textures - from ultrasmooth to heavily toothed, as well as artist canvas with different finishes. Choose from baryta papers for luxurious photographic look or go with 100% cotton rag papers for flat matte, fine art presentation. We carry absolutely best papers available today, from paper mills in Germany, France, Italy and Japan.


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Retouching & colour correction

Competent, affordable Photoshop work for all sorts of art, photography and publishing projects.

Expert color correction / color-matching  for jobs

that have to look just right.

From simple masks and close-cutting, to raw processing, upsampling and touch-ups, to complex composited scenes - we offer our retouching expertise to artists and media companies. Latest tools, powerful workstations, completely color-correct working environment.


Service charges start at $100.00 an hour,

in 1/2 increments. Free quotes & consultation.

Processing & Scanning film

Because many artists still use film in their practice, we offer affordable, reliable film processing  service  - E6 slides (chromes) and B&W film, all formats from 35mm  to 8x10 chromes.  Read more here!


Film scanning charges are based on desired file size. We have a variety of professional equipment to make your scans as close to perfect as possible.

To make pricing  as straightforward and affordable as possible we simply charge a $0.75 per megabyte scanned. Scans are delivered color-corrected and free of dust.  Click here for more details!

Color management & calibration

If you find yourself sitting on a pile of digital equipment that you can't make to produce the color you want, we can help. From calibrating cameras, scanners, screens and printers, to establishing a sensible workflow for your practice - we can set you up with a complete solution for all your imaging needs.

Never worry about the color again!

Photoshop training

So you've got all the tools and you have work to do. But Adobe Photoshop is a very complex piece of software and it can be quite intimidating to beginners.


We can help with training and setting up (and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg).


A quick primer on making reproductions of your artwork

Combining three different technologies - high-precision scanning, digital colour correction and fine art printing - allows you to achieve incredibly lifelike reproductions of original works of art.

Modern tools for colour control  ensure tight  colour  match; and specially-formulated, archival pigment inks are rated for hundreds of years of display life when used with best artists papers and canvas available today.


We offer significant discounts on scanning and printing, when taking on a complete art reproduction project. Contact us for more information and/or a quote. Prices generally depend on the size of the original and the reproduction print, as well as desired colour tolerance. There's usually a solution for just about any budget!


A sample project:

Let's say you have an original oil painting, measuring 20 by 30 inches. You would like to make a copy of this piece, on canvas, keeping the same size.  This project is going to consist of 4 parts:


1. The cost of making a digital scan of the original is going to be either $50, for a medium-resolution scan, or a $100 for a high-res scan - this being  an optimum  for an original with a lot of detail (brush-strokes, cracks, etc.) Should you not be too concerned with small details you can pick a less expensive option.

2. The scan needs to be colour-matched to the original. This typically involves printing a small version of the scanned  image and comparing it to the art piece, making changes, and so on - it is an iterative process. You can bypass this step altogether - the resulting copy is not going to be wildly different, but we do highly recommend to spend at least $25 on one round of proofing. Typically a very good result can be achieved within 3-5 rounds of proofs, and so the recommended budget for this step should be $75-$150

3. Making a print - a 20x30 canvas print with enough loose fabric to wrap around a stretcher should cost around  $80-85, depending on the brand of canvas being used. We usually only stock premium materials, but for a sizable project can bring in just about any type of printing canvas you can wish for. There is a discount available for making more than one print at a time.

4. Finishing - a completed print must be stretched on a stretcher frame - cost of which will depend of the depth and number of cross-braces, etc. - generally a custom-made 20x30 frame should be in $40-50 range; $25-40 in labour, and finally a coat of varnish (optional) for $45.

And so the final cost of making a fabulous, ready-to-hang reproduction of your original piece is going to be in $250-$450 range, depending on options.



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