Film Scanning and other obsolete activities

We have a variety of film equipment to guarantee perfect scans from your film no matter how high or how low your requirements are - covering every format from 135 to 8x10. Below is a quick listing of available machines, ranked from low- to high-end.


- Epson Perfection V750 Pro with a wet mounting kit. This is an entry level machine that is great for quick, small, inexpensive scans from just about any type/size of film. Use this scanner when you need small images appropriate for web use and perhaps even some small format printing.


- Nikon CoolScan 5000VD. This is a medium-grade, dedicated 35mm film scanner, capable of 14-bit resolution and 4000dpi. It allows you to scan slides in their original holders, as well as 6-frame strips of chrome, b&w or negative film. This little Nikon incorporates Applied Science Fiction's DigitalICE technology - automatically taking care of dust and scratches that would take hours to retouch out by hand! Addition of the latest Silverfast software makes using this machine a breeze.


- Imacon Flextight Precision II. Imacons are considered some of  the best machines ever for scanning negative film, FTP2 packs 8000px sensor, "virtual drum" technology and razor-sharp optics. This scanner is capable of handling all film formats up to 4x5 sheet film; it provides professional results and is relatively easy to operate.


- Dainippon Screen DTS-1030 is a medium-large drum scanner. It can handle all film formats from 35mm strips all the way to 8x10 sheet film (or large, the drum can accommodate 11x14 film).
DTS-1030 is a relic from a bygone era - that time when professional equipment was build to last for decades. While it is a bit of an overkill for scanning smaller formats, it really shines at doing 4x5 and 8x10 negs/chromes. Because drum scanners use an entirely different technology for acquiring an image (a photomultiplier tube vs. a CCD/CMOS sensor), this machine can easily pull up scans with difficult shadow detail. We offer both dry- and wet-mounting on this machine - although be aware that dry-mounting approach is prone to Newton rings. 1030 can deliver up to 5200dpi of resolution, although sweet spot lies around 3000dpi - which works out really well when scanning medium-grain film stock.


All film scanning is charged at $0.75 per megabyte scanned. Scans are delivered color-corrected and free of dust (we do it by hand - unless you are comfortable with using ICE and such).



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