Welcome to the Junction Triangle a mini-guide to the neighborhood

Junction Triangle is a diverse, busy neighborhood in Toronto's West End. It is home to throngs of artists, designers, musicians and other people generally known as "creative types". Being one of the last affordable pockets in downtown Toronto, the area is undergoing pretty rapid gentrification. While not as up-and-up as neighboring Junction, the Triangle is not without its charms - a fantastic West Rail Path, scores of great parks and quick access to downtown core make it pretty attractive for folks looking for a studio space or a place to live.

Past couple of years there were more and more places to eat, meet and drink, so in that regard the hood improved dramatically.


Below I listed some of my favorite neighbors along the stretch of Dupont St. from Dundas West to Campbell.


Boo Radley

Located at the corner of Campbell and Dupont, it is the friendliest drinking establishment around. Good selection of beers and liquors, friendly atmosphere and a nice patio. Plus, darts! Pinball!


The Baguette Co.

Great Vietnamese sandwiches and more. Favorited, yo.


Urban Gardener

I think this shop is selling gardening supplies.


Cafe Con Leche

As the name implies, this is a coffee shop, and the best one in the neighbourhood by some serious margin. Coffee is amazing, ambiance is great and there are sweets and free wi-fi.


Film Plus

Photo gear, supplies and rentals. Best photo pro-shop in the West End.


Thai Lime

Great Thai food, drinks, clean classy layout, pleasant service, good prices. Takeout! Recommended.


Koji Sushi

Overall excellent shushi place. Recommended.


El Almacen

These guys are gone... I wonder who is going to move in that space. I think some sort of coffee place


2nd Nature

A pretty new bakery and cafe, located where Open Door Designs puppetry shop used to be


4Cats Studio

A neighborhood's kids art studio. Classes, activities, etc.



Cute little Italian restaurant with excellent food. Very cozy layout and seating, delightful menu, friendly and professional staff. This is more of a formal dining place - heartily recommended!


Love Chix

An excellent bistro - affordable lunch menu, good selection of drinks, excellent cooking, patio



Bakery and cafe, with an excellent pizza and panini. Also delicatessen and drinks


Casablanca Barber Shop

According to Joe The Barber, he had been operating from that location since 1959. I think that's pretty incredible.


Urban Acorn

I don't know much about them except that they sell organic food


Tuck Shop

Some of the very best burgers in Toronto can be found here.



A reclaimed wood / custom furniture shop. I had not been inside but the window looks great! I am particularly taken with a carved goat skull.


Rancho Relaxo

Pretty good and affordable Mexican food (more Texmex really, but still great nevertheless)


The Jellyfish Emporium Pop-Up Collectibles Shop

At the corner of Franklin and Dupont, this small store is full of funky stuff. Tons of vinyl too!


Farmhouse Tavern

A friendly, comfortable restaurant/eatery. Good selection of wines, excellent food and relaxed atmosphere.


Erin Stump Projects

Nearby fine art gallery focused on contemporary work.


Jamie Angell Gallery

An old friend and a fresh transplant from Ossignton/Queen location.


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