Industry Links and this is actually useful stuff. Trust me.

Just for the reference, I am not getting paid by any of these fine folks listed on this page. But people keep on asking me where to go for this or that, and so I have compiled this short list of suppliers who do not suck.

Anyway - in no particular order:

Your source for all that is clear and is a bag. Archival, folding, small, large, etc. If you want to have your prints somewhat protected this is a medium-ok option.



And when a clear bag is not enough, you can get mouldings, framing supplies, and complete frames from mouldings  supplier Fotiou.


But wait, since we are talking about mouldings, I must be fair and list the other two:



Is a moulding and framing services supplier - with a different selection (and the white mouldings THAT DO NOT GO YELLOW IN 6 MONTHS). Overall top-notch service.


Roma Moulding

Again a different selection of frame mouldings, this time exclusively from Italy.


Art & Gallery Services

One of the few framers in the city that I trust completely. Highly recommended!


Academy of Realist Arts

A really good technical school for learning to draw and paint well.



"Super" means exceptional, way-beyond-regular in Latin. And so if you want an exceptional frame you should go and talk to Mitch at Superframe.


Akau Framing

Another quality framing specialist. Recommended!


Amplis Photo

Amplis is an exclusive distributor of Hahnemuehle products here in Canada.


The Gilder Picture Framing

Probably the most accomplished, high end framing service in Canada. This is where you go when only the best will do.


JBR Services

Imagine that you have to transport an expensive, large piece of art. Now imagine a few large, expensive pieces of art, all going to different locations. Keep on imagining larger and larger quantities of huge, expensive artworks being delivered and collected all over the city (you might want to sit down).

Now imagine not having to worry about any of that - just call Jim at JBR and everything gets taken care of, automatically-like.



The are many online photobook services but there's only one real, retail shop in Toronto - it's Pikto in Distillery District.



These guys specialize in warehousing and shipping supplies, and by "specialize" I mean this is not a dollar store. You would find everything here, from glassine paper to cardboard sheets to shipping tubes, to bubblewrap to gloves and a-frame stands. It's awesome.


EM plastics

Obviously, anything and everything plastic - styrene, sintra, fomecore, gatorboard, dibond/omegabond, acrylic, and on and on. Great prices and great selection.



A great Canadian photographic store, cannot be beat in terms of breadth and width of selection. But, aside of photo and video gear, there's also a ton of inkjet paper, inks (and printers for these inks).


Woolfitts (now Curry's)

Although it is predominantly an art supplies store, Curry's flagship location at Queen St.W. and Dufferin carries inkjet paper and canvas, stretchers, tools, adhesives, tape and lot more useful things.


Film Plus

Our neighborhood photo-supplies store along with comprehensive rental section and even traditional film and darkroom goods. Fantastic value and a great, reliable, friendly service.



These guys had been my telephone services supplier of choice over last 5 years. Simply outstanding service, and miles ahead of the local competition (who are, lets face it, basically useless monkeys).


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