Fine Art Scanning a high-precision, affordable solution

Imagefoundry is proud to be one of the very few imaging shops in Canada offering outstanding fine art scanning and documentation services.


Our expertise  in capturing incredibly lifelike digital images from your artworks is based on two important aspects: unique, custom designed hardware and heaps of hands-on experience working with top artists.

Below is a simple breakdown of service brackets for fine art scanning:


- small captures @ $25.00 - suitable for web presentation, slide shows, competition submissions entries,

artwork documentation and printing at sizes up to 12"x18". File sizes are 4000px by 6000px.


- medium captures @ $50.00 - suitable for capturing works with critical detail and printing  up to 16x24.

File sizes up to 4000px by 6500 px.


- high-resolution captures $ $100.00 - premium service designed for scanning artworks for large-scale

reproduction. Printing up to 36x48 inches or more, files sizes up to 8000px by 13000 px.


- maximum resolution captures @ $250.00 - an ultimate in detail capture, this service offers terrific

amounts of detail and huge files. Suitable for capturing large or ultra-detailed artworks for large scale, ultra high resolution printing - up to sizes 60"x90" and more.  Files sizes up to 16000px by 27000px.


Additionally, the following discounts and surcharges apply to the above.


- large originals surcharge - works larger than 40x60 inches will have additional 25% price surcharge, but not more than $250 per scan total.


- quantity discount - bringing in 3 or more works at the time will qualify for a 20% discount



A few words about scanning fine art - what works, what doesn't and how we deal with specific challenges.


There's really only one type of art that is next to impossible to scan - it's loose canvas that had been taken off a stretcher. It won't ever lie flat - which is a pre-requisite for a great scan, and if the canvas surface is glossy it makes it even less forgiving. So don't bring in un-stretched canvas! We probably won't be able to accommodate your project.


When scanning watercolor drawings, the c0mmon technique is to light the artwork with a soft, flat light - eliminating the texture of the paper completely. That way, when the image gets printed back onto textured watercolor paper it looks entirely real and believable.


Artwork with pronounced relief and texture is best scanned with a directional light, bringing out brushstrokes and knifework.


Finally, extremely reflective pieces are best handled with very shallow, angled lighting that avoids sending too much glare towards the sensor. It is possible to use polarized light for capturing very reflective artworks, but the polarizing filters have an unfortunate tendency to shift colors and introduce too much contrast, which makes it very difficult and expensive to color match.



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