Film Development or going back in time

Latest news for 2015 is that we brought the old school  film development back in-house (it was done by an independent contractor before).  Please read all the relevant details below, if you are considering developing your film here.



so if you look at your film and it says "Fujicolor" instead of "Fujichrome" - we can't help you! However, not all is lost. Plenty of labs in Toronto can run your color neg film,  such as Toronto Imageworks, West Camera, etc.


Process highlights:


- Film development is  done on the premises

- We use Tetenal E6 Colortec kit, which is a 3-bath process

- Regular schedule is one run a week. Rush development (next day) is possible with 100% rush charge

- We won't pull or push your film (read below why)

- Processed film supplied uncut in a sleeve

- Minimum order – 1 roll (135, 120) , 5 sheets of 4x5 or 2 sheets of 8x10


So. If you like shooting B&W or chrome film but can't find any labs in Toronto to process  it (and there are none), we can help.  That said, here are the prices.


B&W Film development

Formats supported: 135, 120, 4x5, 8x10

Developers available:  Kodak T-Max (hard grain), Ilfotec DD-X (finer grain), WD2D+ (Pyro)

Prices for standard B&W development: 135, 120 - $10.00/roll ; 4x5 - $5.00/sheet, 8x10 - $10.00/sheet

Pyrogallol-based development - please add 50%.


E-6 (chrome) film development

Prices: 135, 120 - $10.00/roll ; 4x5 - $5.00/sheet, 8x10 - $10.00/sheet


Few words about Tetenal E6 Colortec kit.
A number of people expressed some healthy skepticism about relative quality of 3-bath Tetenal E6 development process vs. traditional 6-bath process.  I think these concerns have merit, so this is an attempt to clarify how we deal with it.


First off, allow me to address the reason why we can't run proper a 6-bath E6 line - none are readily available.


So realistically speaking Tetenal Colortec E6 is the only chemistry kit that is both somewhat available and considered to be high enough quality  (it's made in Germany).

As a refresher, two major differences between 6-bath process and 3-bath process are as follows: Reversal bath is combined with Color Developer and Bleach and Fixer are combined into Blix (well also there's no pre-bleach). This has immediate implications that Tetenal E6 kit a) does not keep for very long b) somewhat trickier to get color balance right c) cannot be replenished d) pushing/pulling does not work too well.


But overall, purely from chemistry standpoint, there's no sensible reason why the quality of the development should not be on par with regular E6. Here's what we do to minimize any potential issues: a) we mix chemistry (with extreme care) right before running you film b) all our development is oneshot/discard c) we maintain the same chemistry to film surface area ratio for every run.

This makes running film expensive, which is why we only do one run a week - this allows us to bunch a lot of film in one go.



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