TOAF60 artwork documentation

Scanning your art for TOAF 2021 online portal


We are thrilled to offer our  fine art  scanning  and photography services to artists participating in this year's fair.  To this end, we prepared three service packages, as described below.


5 artworks package - $150.00, plus HST


10 artworks package - $250.00, plus HST


20 artworks package - $400.00, plus HST



 these service packages can be combined to suit your unique needs. Your cost per image will be the same as  per the  largest service package used - for example, if you are planning to scan 30 artworks, your total cost will be $600.00, plus applicable tax.


We can scan or photograph just about any type of artwork: paintings and drawings on canvas or paper, framed artwork, miniatures, sculptural pieces ,  glass, and more.  There are no limitations on size.


You will receive a high-resolution, color correct digital image of your artwork, and a smaller version of the same that will be entered into TOAF online portal on your behalf.


Artworks can  be dropped off and picked up at our studio at 1581 Dupont St in Toronto. We aim to finish your scans within 3 business days from delivery.


Should you require assistance with transporting your works to our studio, we can help!  We are collaborating with Griffin Fine Art Services for this project, the one-way transport fee is $100.00 +HST.  Please get in touch with us to arrange  dates and all other relevant info. There are no size limitations, we can handle artworks of all sizes.


Please contact us if you have any questions or  need more information!





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